Bangladesh extends virus lockdown by one week to Apr 28


The restrictions imposed earlier will remain in force, says the official notification issued on Tuesday

The government has issued a gazette notification extending the ongoing lockdown by another week to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The restrictions imposed earlier will remain in force during the extended period, says the notification published on Tuesday.The move to extend the ongoing lockdown comes following an inter-ministerial meeting held on Monday.

On Sunday, the Covid-19 National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) had recommended extending the lockdown by a week to curb the steep increase of the deadly virus across the country.

Amid the resurgence in infections and deaths, the NTAC recommended a complete lockdown for at least two weeks. The country has meanwhile been under a lockdown for two weeks since April 7.
us and others) should be restricted. Public assembly are prohibited in high-infection areas. Public gatherings on the occasion of any social event, including wedding and birthday parties, should be discouraged.

Proper hygiene rules should be ensured in all places of worship, including mosques.

Public gatherings in tourist attractions, cinema hall and theaters have to be made limited as well as fairs and exhibitions of all kinds should be discouraged;

Public transports must comply with hygiene rules and cannot carry passengers more than 50% of its seating capacity;

Inter-district vehicular movement should be restricted to high-risk areas of infection and should be kept shut if necessary;

International travelers entering the country will be required to serve 14-day institutional quarantine at hotels at their own expenses;

Arrangements have to be made for sale and purchase of daily necessities in open space in compliance with hygiene rules. Pharmacies must ensure proper hygiene.

Healthcare facilities will have to ensure proper hygiene measures, including wearing of masks all the time;

In shopping malls, both buyers and sellers must ensure proper hygiene;

All the educational institutions (pre-primary, primary, madrasa, secondary, higher secondary, universities) and coaching centres will remain closed;

Unnecessarily roaming and gathering must be stopped. Going out after 10pm without emergency needs to be controlled;

If individual goes out in need, s/he will have to maintain of all kinds of hygiene rules, including wearing a mask. Legal actions should be taken if the mask is not worn or hygiene guidelines are violated;

Isolation of person with the symptoms and infected by Covid-19 should be ensured. Others who come into close contact with the person affected by the disease must be quarantined;

All government and non-government offices/institutions, except those provide emergency services, should be run by 50% manpower. Arrangements of working from home should be made for members of the staff who are pregnant, sick and above 55-year-old;

Meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops should be arranged virtually as much as possible;

Proper hygiene norms should be ensured in case of any kind of public examination which is required to appear physically:

Hotels and restaurants must be barred from serving clients more than 50% of the capacity;

Wearing masks and maintaining hygiene rules mandatory at workplaces;

The second phase of lockdown, which started on April 14, is scheduled to end at 12 midnight on Wednesday. The next 7-day lockdown will start from 6am on Thursday.

Bangladesh on Monday recorded its highest ever daily Covid casualties – 112 deaths over the span of 24 hours.

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