In ignoring Israel’s savagery, US draws serious criticism from China, Turkey


China and Turkey have censured Washington’s behavior in implicitly supporting the Israeli regime war on the besieged Gaza Strip as well as blocking statements to stop the devastating campaign at the United Nations Security Council.

According to reports, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a brief statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday, “What US does amid the conflict is deeply disappointing. Is this the human rights US touts around when Palestinian people suffer, or is it an excuse to serve US self-interest?”

“Is this what US calls rule-based international order?”

Lijian had earlier said the United States had been “isolated at the Security Council unprecedentedly.” The Chinese official also pointed the finger at the White House for “standing on the opposite side of mankind’s conscience and morality.”

“The international community is deeply upset by how the US has behaved in the Palestine-Zionists conflict. People can’t help but ask, is this the diplomacy featuring so-called human rights and values the US claims to champion?”

“Why has the US been so callous about the Palestinian people’s human rights while it keeps talking about upholding Muslims’ human rights?”

A fourth meeting of the Security Council which was held on Tuesday at the request of China and Norway failed to adopt a joint statement calling for a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the UN had failed to issue a statement condemning the Israeli barbarism due to Washington’s opposition.

Cavusoglu on Tuesday condemned the international community’s “weak” reaction to the Israeli war on the Palestinians.

“The international community called on both sides as if there is a war between the Israeli and Palestinian armies in Gaza. Some put Israel’s security above everything else. They closed their eyes in the face of war and humanitarian crimes in Gaza,” he told the Turkish Parliament.

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