Instagram Adds New ‘Drops’ Product Showcase To Help Boost eCommerce Activity


As it gradually moves further into eCommerce, and facilitating direct-purchase processes in-app, Instagram has launched a new product showcase option today called ‘Drops’, which will highlight the latest product launches from brands you’ve engaged with, or may be interested in, at the top of the Shop tab in the app.
As you can see here, the new Drops display will showcase the latest new releases and limited offerings, related to your interests.

The option essentially builds on Instagram’s product reminders option, which it first launched in 2019.

As explained by Instagram:
Brands that want to be at the center of culture, community, and commerce are choosing to launch products on Instagram. In September 2019, Instagram made this easier for brands and their fans by offering product reminders where people can sign up to receive a notification when an item is available for purchase.”

As you can see here, product reminders enable brands to provide alerts to interested users based on their previews, which then helps to boost awareness, and maximize interest at launch.
Drops will collect all of these notifications into one place, while also providing updates on new, related product launches aligned with your interests.

It could be a good way to help build hype, and spark conversation around your product launches in the app, while also facilitating direct connection, and maintaining awareness with interested consumers.

In order for your product to qualify for a Drops listing, you’ll need to use the ‘Product Launch’ feature which is available via Commerce Manager for those brands that have already registered for eCommerce tools in the app. That will then enable you to also use product launch stickers and reminders in posts, Stories and Reels, in order to maximize awareness around your coming launch.

And now, you’ll also be eligible to be featured on people’s Drops page, adding another promotional element to the process.

It could be a good way to maximize your reach and awareness in IG – which, as noted, is gradually developing more and more eCommerce tools, which will slowly change user behaviors and expectations around shopping in the app.

Could be worth considering in your process.

Drops currently only available to users in the US, and only on mobile devices.

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