Madrasa teachers must help to maintain religious harmony


Education ministry briefs madrasa instructors on the govt’s initiatives to improve quality of education

Md Aminul Islam Khan, the secretary of the Technical and Madrasa Education Department, has encouraged the country’s madrasa teachers to do more to improve ties amongst people of different religions.

They must teach while maintaining religious principles, patriotism, and mutual respect, he urged.

The senior education ministry official made the remarks during a virtual discussion on Sunday, according to media reports.
Teachers from 300 madrasas from throughout the country attended the occasion.

“Conspirators are spreading propaganda in an attempt to create religious rift in order to hinder the country’s progress,” he stated, referring to recent attacks on Hindu temples and puja mandaps.

“Not only should madrasa teachers be aware of this, but they should also provide appropriate guidance,” he added.
Aminul Islam briefed the madrasa instructors on the government’s numerous initiatives and training programs targeted at improving Bangladeshi madrasa education.

An incident of alleged “demeaning the Holy Quran” at a puja mandap in Comilla on Wednesday had escalated tensions across the country.

Following the incident, attacks against Hindu puja mandaps, temples, homes, and businesses were carried out across the country.

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