Quader urges all to remain alert in keeping festive mood in polls


The second phase union parishad polls were held in a festive manner with the spontaneous participation of voters, says the minister

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on Friday called upon all to remain alert in keeping festive environment centring the elections at grassroots.

“The second phase union parishad polls were held in a festive manner with the spontaneous participation of 65-70% voters. But violence took place in several places during the polls which is very much unexpected and sorrowful,” he said.

Quader was speaking at a regular press briefing at his official residence in Dhaka.

He urged the Election Commission (EC) and the law enforcement agencies to take the highest cautionary measures to keep congenial atmosphere at the elections to avert any kind of untoward incidents in the next phase polls.
The minister said irresponsible comments from any responsible persons whether they are politicians or administrative officers cannot be accepted.

He said it is being noticed that some responsible political leaders and government officers are making irresponsible and reckless comments over different issues of the country.

Not only politicians but some high government officials of public administration are also crossing their limits by making comments at different discussions, meetings and seminars, he regretted.

The minister said it is essential for everyone, from politicians to government officials, to follow the code of conduct and not cross their limits.
Turning to BNP, the Awami League general secretary said now it has become every day’s political go of BNP to make blind criticism against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government.

Though BNP cannot do anything for the people and the country, they can make falsehood and spread propaganda delicately, he said.

In the long run, Quader said, BNP’s propaganda and falsehood would go against themselves and has already gone too but they cannot understand it.
Mentioning that the BNP secretary general is playing his old record that judiciary is being ruined, he said such allegations are baseless as it has become BNP’s habit to continuously make such imaginary comments.

He said the country’s judiciary is working independently. When verdict goes in favour of BNP, they say judiciary is independent but when verdict goes against them, they raise allegations of government interference in court matters, he said.

Quader said when BNP becomes victorious in elections, they claim they could have won by much bigger margin but when they lose, they say the EC is not neutral.

Giving guarantee of winning polls means neutral EC to BNP, he mentioned.

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