Hasina urges global leaders to stop spending on arms race as she calls for efforts to sustain peace


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called on global leaders to put a stop to spending on weapons manufacturing and marketing, as the curtains came down on the World Peace Conference in Dhaka.
In her concluding speech to the conference on Sunday, Hasina underscored Bangladesh’s socio-economic progress and how it outlines the dreams of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Hasina spoke about global crises and underscored mutual understanding among countries as its sustainable solution.

“Over the past two years, the coronavirus pandemic has plunged the entire world into a new crisis. This crisis has proved that none of us are separate. There is no alternative to building an accountable world order based on the partnership to live peacefully in this world.”

“Bangladesh is always ready to work with all based on mutual respect and understanding to fully embrace the ideals of peace of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“At this critical juncture in the world, I urge the people to use their resources to achieve universal sustainable development without spending resources on arms races. Let us go down in action, committed to universal peace.”
Nine months after Bangladesh achieved independence, Bangabandhu crafted a constitution, she said.

“Article 25 of that constitution puts friendship at the heart of our foreign policy in the field of ‘promotion of international peace, security and solidarity.”

“In international relations, mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs, international law, and the UN Charter were adopted as the basis of foreign policy.

“At the same time, he [Bangabandhu] supported the just struggle of the oppressed people worldwide against the use of force, complete disarmament, determination of their respective socio-economic systems, and against imperialism, colonialism, or racism.”

Hasina mentioned that Bangabandhu was nominated for the Julio Curie Medal in a declaration in Helsinki, Finland, on Oct 10, 1972, for his outstanding contribution to world peace by establishing the rights of the oppressed people in the country.
She quoted the speech Bangabandhu gave while receiving the award in Dhaka in May 1973.

“I had the honour of attending the first Asian and Pacific Peace Conference in Peking in 1952 and the World Peace Council Conference in Stockholm in 1956. Let me mention here that world peace has been one of the fundamental principles of my philosophy of life. I have always been with the oppressed, the exploited, the peace-loving and freedom-loving people in any part of the world. We want peace to reign in every part of the globe. We want it to consolidate,” Mujibur Rahman had said.

Highlighting Bangladesh’s recognition for its rise at the global stage, Hasina said: “Bangladesh is now a role model in the world in socio-economic development. We have received the ‘SDG Progress Award’. We have revolutionised electricity, communications, information technology, and agriculture.”

She said her administration established the economy of the country on a solid foundation and gave Tk 1.88 trillion in COVID-19 allowances. “We have emerged from a least developed country to a developing country.”

“The size of our economy is now $411 billion, per capita income is $2,554. In coordination with SDG-2030 to implement Vision-2041, we have adopted the Second Perspective Plan for 20 years,” Hasina said.

“With that goal in mind, we have started the implementation of the 8th Five Year Plan. We are implementing ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100’. Bangladesh is moving forward at an irresistible pace. We are committed to building the self-esteemed, developed, and prosperous ‘Golden Bangladesh’ of the Father of the Nation’s dream for the next generation.”

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