Foreign Minister Momen: RAB created by America, Britain


It was the Americans and the British who created the elite police unit Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), claims Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen.

“It was the United States that trained RAB on how to speak to people and how to investigate,” he said on Friday.

“RAB is extremely skilled and they are not corrupt,” the minister said, adding that it is because of that people have put their trust in them.
According to the minister, even the US State Department admitted that terrorists became inactive after the Holy Artisan incident.
Only those that do not like law and order, like terrorism and drugs do not like, Momen claimed.

“The US says in the last 10 years at least 600 people went missing (enforced disappearances). Who will take responsibility for the 100,000 that go missing there every year?” he asked.
According to the foreign minister, the US only received one-sided information and their sanctions on RAB is extremely unfortunate.

“There were only two instances when RAB was in the wrong and a judicial trial was held for that,” he said.
Momen’s remarks come a day after 12 human rights bodies called on the United Nations to ban RAB members from enlisting into peacekeeping missions.
The US recently imposed sanctions on RAB and its top officials, alleging them of being involved in widespread human rights violations including enforced disappearances, a claim Bangladesh has categorically denied.

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