Hasan: Broadcasting Tarique’s news is violation of court order


Publishing BNP leader Tarique Rahman’s news is a violation of the High Court order, Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hassan Mahmud reminded the media on Monday.

He made the remarks at a program to distribute Covid-19 prevention materials and winter relief on behalf of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, at the Awami League’s central office.

AL’s sub-committee on relief and social welfare arranged the programme.

Also joint general secretary of the AL, Hasan said: “I saw in the media that a meeting of the BNP was virtually presided over by convicted fugitive Tarique Rahman. I would like to remind the media that the High Court has directed that no news of Tarique Rahman can be broadcast by the media.”

“This is a direct violation of the order of the High Court,” he said.

Hasan said the BNP has made a corrupt person the leader of the party, and by doing so, they have institutionalized corruption.
He said that the BNP has lost the right to do politics by writing letters to foreigners to stop aid for the people of Bangladesh.

“The BNP has resorted to the path of plots as the party has got isolated from people. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul himself wrote letters to stop foreign assistance for Bangladesh,” he said.

The minister said foreign aid comes to the country for people, not for the government. “The political party that wrote letters to foreigners to stop the assistance for Bangladesh has no right to do politics in this country.”

He further added that the BNP carried out false campaigns against the Covid-19 vaccines.

“They (BNP leaders) should now apologize to people for circulating false information about the vaccines.

“We’ve given booster doses of the vaccines also to those who criticized us. BNP leaders who have not yet taken the booster doses, we’ll also be provided with the booster doses so that they can stay well and healthy. But please don’t criticize us unnecessarily,” he said.Dr Hasan said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took the step to enact the law on the formation of the Election Commission to consolidate democracy.

The minister said BNP is unnecessarily opposing the law as the party has been suffering from “no” syndrome.

“This party used to say ‘no’ to everything. We fear this party will lose its existence someday due to the impact of the ‘no syndrome’.

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