Saturday, October 1, 2022

    The entrance to the parade ground in Chittagong should be kept open, commented the mayor

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    The city mayor urged to keep the entrances of the parade ground in Chittagong open. He said the boys go to play in this traditional field. Ordinary people also go for walks.
    Chittagong Government College ground is located between Sirajuddaula Road and College Road in Chittagong city.
    To the people of Chittagong it is known as Parade Maidan or Parade Ground. A piece of open space for the residents of Chawkbazar, Chandanpura, Kapasgola, Shulakbahar, Panchlaish, Chandgaon and parts of Baklia to breathe. Just as adults come here for walks, so do teenagers come here to play sports. In the late afternoon, young and old people started chatting there. The locals requested to keep the path open in the field.
    City Mayor Rezaul Karim Chowdhury thinks it is not logical to keep the entrance of the parade ground closed. “I don’t think there’s any need to keep the parade ground locked,” he said. There can be no reason to stop it. Because there is no installation on the field that will be damaged by the boys going to play on the field.
    Calling for keeping the entrances of the parade ground owned by Chittagong College open, the mayor said, “I will talk to the principal of the college about it on my mobile and urge him to open the ground for sports.”
    He said there is already a crisis in the playground in Chittagong city. Thinking from that place, the parade ground is very necessary for the boys. I myself played in this field as a child. The boys play in this field in groups. If its entrance is closed, the boys will naturally want to enter through the border walls. It can also cause accidents. So the closed entrance should be opened. At that time, the mayor said that steps are being taken by the city corporation to build small playgrounds and set up entertainment centers in the city.

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