Saturday, October 1, 2022

    Haryana Chief Minister wants Bangladesh-Pakistan to merge with India.

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    India can be united again with Bangladesh and Pakistan. As in East and West Germany. Partition is very difficult; Haryana Chief Minister and BJP leader Manoharlal Khattar made such comments about the two neighboring countries.

    The Chief Minister of Haryana said these things while attending an event of BJP’s Minority Front in Gurugram on Monday (July 25).
    Anandabazar and ABP media reported that while talking about the unity of India in that event, he brought up the issue of partition.

    He said that when East and West Germany can be united, Pakistan and Bangladesh can also be united along with India. Not too long ago. This happened in 1991 when the Berlin Wall was demolished. Similarly, India can be united again.

    He mentioned partition as a painful event.

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