Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    Bangladesh is going to debut in the semiconductor industry as a very promising sector.

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    Currently, semiconductor or microchip manufacturing has emerged as a fast growing industry in the electronics and technology sector across the world. According to one statistic, the market value of the global semiconductor industry in 2021 was around 527.88 billion dollars despite the Corona epidemic. By the end of the current year 2022, the market value of the semiconductor industry will reach about 573.44 billion dollars.Moreover, it is predicted that the market value of the highly potential global semiconductor industry in the next year 2029 may rise to about 1.38 trillion dollars.

    As a high-tech semiconductor manufacturing company, US tech giant Intel has maintained a singular preeminence for over two decades. However, in addition to Intel, the South Korean tech giant Samsung and several Chinese technology companies have also advanced a lot in micro and nano chip design and manufacturing.
    However, the name of a small country Taiwan has risen above all the countries of the world in the semiconductor industry. Unbelievable to many, Taiwan alone currently controls nearly 60% of the world’s semiconductor industry market. In the 1980s, Japan had a big rise in the semiconductor industry, but later they could not maintain their rightful place in the industry.
    In recent times, the use of various technology-based devices is increasing day by day in Bangladesh as well as around the world. And the demand for high-tech micro and nano chips used for these devices is also increasing at a massive rate. Therefore, chip design and manufacturing is an important step in the manufacturing of any technology product in the home country.In this case, Bangladesh can contribute to the global semiconductor industry if it can manufacture chips in its own country without depending on foreign semiconductor or chip manufacturers.
    Despite the technological limitations in Bangladesh, ACI Limited and Walton Group of Companies are going to invest very soon in the semiconductor or chip manufacturing sector with their own funds. For this purpose, Bangladesh’s tech giant company Walton has also taken land in Bangabandhu Hi-Tech Park.
    Walton manufactures high-tech desktop computers in their own 2 assembly lines and laptops in 5 assembly lines. However, its important component chips are still imported from China or any other country to meet the demand.
    Therefore, if it is possible to build a semiconductor manufacturing industry according to the plan in the country’s soil, Bangladesh will be able to take its rightful place in the global semiconductor market in the next 5 years, even if it is limited, just like the garment industry.

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